Thursday, 25 July 2013


The ideal reader of my book will be someone who enjoys a puzzle and loves surprises - because things never go the way the reader expects. Things go wrong, they are shocking. Some events delve backwards into the past to attempt to solve the mystery. Others move forward into the present to provide more consternation. Characters discover that they are not who they think they are, and neither are their friends or even those closest to them. People move from normal everyday life across the boundaries of time and space, and in so doing create even more predicaments, adding to the confusion. The reader will love this, will want to understand what is happening, but will be so mesmerised by the narrative, so attracted to some of the characters and so concerned by their fate that he or she cannot stop reading.  

What goes wrong? – Helen, a young accountant struggling with life post-divorce, and on holiday in Ireland, steps through a doorway and finds herself in the past, thereby triggering an alarm in an alien world.

What is shocking? - You will have to wait and see...


Monday, 15 July 2013

Too hot for writing...

Today the digital voice recorder which I have been SO looking forward to has arrived. And - guess what? It is too hot in my study to work. I can no more begin to read my work into the recorder than fly to the moon. I cannot even think, let alone summon up the energy to work on my book. Suddenly it is 28 degrees and my brain has decided to close down this lovely creative side which it has so recently opened up. All I can do is listlessly to learn all the features of the voice recorder (it's brilliant, by the way) ready to begin when it cools down. The whole idea is to read the book on to the recorder so that I can listen to it and see whether or not it flows, note any errors and generally check whether I am happy with it or not. Never mind, I will do it. Perhaps I will get up early tomorrow...

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Introduction to Characters

Here is a taste of the characters I am writing about:

1938. We are at a cocktail party. 

Allow me to introduce the young woman with blonde hair and startling pale grey eyes. This is Helen – she hasn’t been born yet. She will be the child of Mark, that kind-looking man over there talking to his friend. Oh yes, his friend Hugo is about to experience a doomed love affair with an alien woman who eats silver. There she is, the short young lady... but I digress. 

Look across at the tall, Scandinavian-looking man who is watching Helen’s every move. That is Garamond, he is from the dead planet Illandra. He will find Helen in the future. 

If you look over through that doorway, you will see the purple view of his home. Be careful as you walk past the mirror: Lily is watching you. 

Steady as you go, Tobias is turning the ship so that we have a fine view of Earth. Oh I am sorry, did you think that you were on Earth?