The garden at Watermillock 2009
In November of 2015 I began a collection of posts on Google+ entitled ‘The Glory of the Garden’. The name is taken from Rudyard Kipling’s poem, and I wanted to share my photos, musings and reflections on the changing seasons in my own garden and others. With the demise of Google+ looming and set for April, 2019 I decided to continue my collection as a page within my Blog, and this is the beginning.

I started the original collection with a photo of the garden in Cumbria which inspired the one I wrote about in my novel 'Losing Time'. The fictional garden has a depressed and uneasy feeling about it. In reality, at Watermillock on the edge of Lake Ullswater, the view is uplifting and the atmosphere entirely tranquil. On a beautiful day in June 2009 the flowers and lawns, backed by the glorious fells, created a perfect and peaceful retreat.

December in a British garden can be very bleak, but here in my brother's garden at Hatherleigh, a Cotoneaster he planted in an old tree stump is glowing with red berries - perfect for the birds.

In 2019 I look forward to showing you photos of my own garden which is beginning to mature after four years of hard work. The tips of bulbs are just beginning to show, promising new life as we trawl through winter.


It appears I cannot add separate posts to this page. I will continue to add photos, but instead I will incorporate more garden highlights into the main blog. And here are a couple taken this morning, 15th February - a glorious bright day filled with birdsong and fresh breezes...

One of several happy blackbirds!