Friday, 23 October 2015


The publication of LOSING TIME as an E-book has taken me completely by surprise. A feeling of unreality was followed by the onset of a migraine - blessedly only a short one - and three days later I am beginning to feel like a 'proper' writer. The burden of the unfinished book has been lifted and I can begin work on its sequel which had become lost under a pile of e-rubbish.

Like everything else in the creation of this work, the cover page fell together almost by accident. I am very proud that so many members of my family were involved in this.The watch belonged to my late father, who would have been astonished to see the way my son and I have manipulated a photo of it - which was originally taken by my brother. It was not my original choice, but I kept going back to it, as though it nagged me to use it. When, like a forgotten word, the title 'Losing Time' appeared in my mind, using the photograph of the watch was a no-brainer!

The most difficult part was undoubtedly the description of the story. How on earth could I condense 100,000 words into a short paragraph which might tempt readers to try it? This is no simple story, and I have ended up with a few sentences which attempt to convey its essence:

People don’t vanish without a reason. They may be trapped in another time or a strange place, or not on Earth at all; but why would all of these happen to one family?
Helen’s father failed to return from a day trip he made to Oxford in 1984. Twenty one years later Helen travels to Ireland following a clue to his disappearance, but her mundane life as an accountant ends abruptly when she falls through a trans-dimension portal and finds herself in a fortress on Dartmoor.
Behind the confusion someone is hunting not only Helen, but the child her father was trying to bring home: her twin brother Leo. And the eccentric alien people who befriend Helen are also under threat.
So when Helen reappears in her workplace with a stranger, things begin to spiral out of control…

Here is a link to Amazon UK where the book may be purchased: - for anyone tempted to give it a try. It is available on Amazon worldwide. I hope you enjoy it.