Friday, 20 January 2017


It’s a bright sunny day, 4C (39.2⁰F) here in Devon, glorious. But it’s not good for those of us for whom cold weather aggravates asthma, and I’ve recently been ill, so I need to think about this. I have a load of washing which it would be a crime not to hang out in the sun to – not exactly to dry, but to freshen up. The logistics are not attractive.

I venture out, wearing the most absurd get-up of warm coat, scarf, second scarf wound around my face to cover my nose, hood up and gloves. I can hardly move. But my other half has cheerfully positioned the ‘whirly’ drier and opened it out for me, so there’s no turning back.

Oh the annoyance of it all! I can’t easily get the pegs out of the bag with gloves on. My glasses have steamed up so I can hardly see where I’m attempting to peg the wet shirt on to the line, and to cap it all I peg my glove on instead of the shirt. This keeps happening. To add insult to injury I proceed to drop every other peg on to the ground where it’s hard to bend down in all these clothes and I’m still misted up so can’t really see the peg…. If my neighbour has glanced out of her window and spotted me, she must be howling with laughter.

Then I think of my mother, who can’t even walk down the stairs let alone out into the garden, and I realise just how lucky I am. Suddenly it’s gorgeous out here where the sun is bringing everything to life, birds are singing and there are tiny buds forming on the ornamental cherry tree. It’s nothing like as cold as it is in some places in the world where they still manage to keep going – although maybe they aren’t fool enough to be hanging out their washing. Or maybe they are? Enjoy your Friday!

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