Saturday, 8 September 2018


Why does everything happen at once? On Tuesday I underwent the first tests before cataract surgery. Included as a bonus (!) is the opportunity to experience a powerful and dazzling light being shone into one's eyes. I was struck by the irony of having suddenly become a victim of my own fiction, having just finished my second book in which the heroine - at one point - finds herself forced to stare for a prolonged period at just such a light.

And here it is! After two years of a real roller-coaster ride, I've managed to finish - and publish - the sequel to my first book. I think it's safe to say I've loved writing this one. There were gaps in time when life interfered badly with the process, particularly when I lost my mother, but the story wanted to be told and has forced its way into print.

Should you care to take a look, here is a link to the Kindle version which is for sale on Amazon, and where you should also be able to find the paperback. 


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