Monday, 21 January 2019


I was awake at 'stupid o'clock' this morning, snatched the camera and snapped away on various settings. They are by no means perfect, but here is a selection of my results. I was SO lucky to see it at all! The conditions were almost perfect: clear, cold skies; brilliant stars and hanging - strangely at odds with its companions, - this extraordinary rust-coloured globe.

I photographed what I could see for about one hour, and the last one was taken through the closed window as I was feeling the chill, hence the 'echo' effect. The sky was also beginning to mist over with streaks of cloud.

If you didn't manage to see this marvellous event, I hope you will enjoy my brief glimpses.


  1. Yes, you were lucky! I was very sorry to have missed the occasion. The photos are quite magical. It's interesting to imagine what our ancestors would have made of the 'rust coloured globe'.

    1. Thank you very much Mike. What an interesting comment, and I guess they would have attributed a great deal more 'magic' to such a cosmic event than we do today. Observing the wonders of the dark skies is always uplifting, as well as thought-provoking. I hope you have a great day and it's not as cold there as it is here, but at least on this side of Dartmoor there is virtually no snow... :)