Friday, 1 February 2019


The sunsetting of the platform Google+ where I have spent the last few years making many friends and contacts from around the world, is now imminent. Every day has brought little moments of joy viewing a myriad of beautiful photographs and reading posts both serious, humorous and sometimes sad. Strong friendships have blossomed, and will I hope continue but less easily than before. Life moves on, of course, but not without regret.

Turning to my own half-focussed vision, I have been slow to update you on the progress towards my second cataract operation because of a disappointing delay in obtaining a date.
A visit to the ophthalmologist at the hospital was both uplifting and depressing. This kind young man expressed a total understanding of my dilemma - one now-perfect eye, one distinctly poor short-sighted astignatic eye (did you spot the oxymoron there?) and brain overload! His appreciation of my slowed day-to-day skills was like a soothing balm. He then explained that an eighteen-week waiting list would be more difficult for me than others, but was the standard delay for a second cataract operation. It is assumed, wrongly in my case, that the first operation has made life so wonderful that there is no rush for the next. Well, life is always wonderful, but eighteen weeks, followed by another six-week recovery period, is a little daunting.
"Don't book your holiday," he told me, and "please don't drive!" I obey, glumly.

Snow has arrived in the garden, and all over Devon. Here, right under the corner of Dartmoor, we have been given a little protection from the worst snowfalls. It's achingly cold though, and harder to do things - especially in the garden. So instead I've been doing the things I can - a bizarre and short list: knitting, reading (large text), cooking and listening to the radio are immensely comforting asides to the undramatic slow pattern of my day-to-day run-of-the-mill chores. Reading the posts on Google+ will soon no longer be on that list. A new chapter opens, a new month begins and we all move closer to Spring.


  1. There's a big "no entry" sign by my G+ name now Prue, so I'm not not sure you'll receive this comment but I would like to thank Google Plus, if possible, for introducing me to such a gentle and wondrous person. It's sad that this platform is going away but friendship is eternal and will continue on another network.
    It's been a pleasure and a privilege.
    Biggest possible Hugz!!

    1. Hugo I have received it, and I will try and make sure you don't vanish from future posts on here. I treasure your comment. As ever, speechless... :)) Hugs back...

  2. Hello Prue, the days of Google+ are sadly now coming to an end. My plan is to fill the space with reading blogs such as yours. I can't seem to get on with any of the other options.

    What a delay that is for your next cataract operation, how frustrating that must be. I guess though, we'll have pots of money for the NHS after Brexit :-) We can always dream!

    All best wishes.

    1. Thank you so much, Mike. I too feel rather lethargic about the alternatives to Google+, which is a bad sign. I'm so glad you too are blogging, together with several others I enjoy, and as you say, these are a good substitute even though not quite the same as the agreeable daily sharing of photos and information we've become so used to.
      Yes, the delay is very tedious. Watch this space, I'll report back as soon as I have any news! We can dream indeed, and hope for better times ahead.